When: September 1978
Where: Wellington Lake, CO
My former husband and I had taken our children for a picnic at Wellington Lake, just south of Buffalo Creek, Colorado. What I saw was not the same as what I've seen in photos, however, what I saw was a bipedal creature with white fur. This may sound strange, but, I was talking with my former husband when the creature stepped out from behind a boulder. I told my now exhusband, to look. He turned around but the creature ducked back behind the boulder. My exhusband turned back to me and said, "I didn't see anything." At that very moment the creature showed itself to me again. I told my ex to turn around. He did, and the creature ducked behind the boulder again. This happened four or five times, and then the creature was gone. The creature was partially bipedal and then would stoop like an ape and touch the ground. It had a human-like feeling about it because it was obviously playing some sort of a game with me. I have never told anybody except for people I trust not to make fun of me. I was a resident in the area for many years and I knew what wildlife was there...nothing came close to this creature. I've seen mountain lion, bobcats, linx, badgers, deer, elk, bear, and many more creatures in that area, but nothing like this.

 The creature was very quiet, light on his/her feet. It was not as large as Bigfoot, and the fur was pure white like a Polar Bear. I didn't get a clear vision of its face. This was not a Polar Bear. We lived in Colorado where there were only black bears. In addition the creature was obviously clever and had a sense of humor and intelligence that was human like. Again, it was not incredibly tall, maybe 5'9" or so. It wasn't a person playing a prank either, it was too agile and too fast, and that area is wilderness area, very difficult for a human to scammer around so quickly - over boulders and up mountains, etc.