When: Summer 1994
Where:  Ute Trail, Summit County

Man was hiking the UTE Peak Trail with his Rottweiler.  It was around 10:00 am., and there was no one else on the trail at that time.  As they were walking he got a sense that something was not right.  The hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up,  and his arms were covered in goose-bumps.  At the same time the forest got very, very quiet.  He noticed some scat on the left side of the trail (oval shaped, orange in color, with hairs in it; 8-10 inches in length) and he noticed some stratches on a tree near the scat.  Another 20 yards or so up the trail his dog came running back to his side (which was not typical behavior).   He pulled out his .357 revolver and continued up the trail. His dog walked up ahead again, when suddenly about 30 yards ahead without any warning a tree fell across the trial. There was no wind or weather event at the time. He estimated that the tree was maybe 25 feet tall. At that point, he got the distinct sense that he shouldn't be there, and turned around and went back down the hill, stopping about every 6 feet to look back, as he still got the sense that he was being followed. Since that time, he hasn't really solo hiked again.