When: Summer 2008
Where: Wellington Lake, 15 miles from Bailey

In the summer of 2008, a man was camping at Wellington Lake and took his two beagles on a hike.  It was near the end of the summer.  He was hiking at the corner of the lake (southwest corner), approximately between the castle mountain and the ravine on the left hand side of the castle.  When the encounter happened, he was still in the woods down below (he hadn't started hiking up the mountain yet).  He saw something running away, about 50-60 yards away: dark tan in color, on two legs, VERY large and running VERY fast.  It was far enough away that he couldn't hear any sound from the running. His dogs did not see or hear anything initially, and did not react.  He ran over to the spot where he first saw it and when he reached that spot the two beagles went absolutely berserk – barking and howling and just going nuts.  They were on leashes, so he held on to them because they wanted to run after the scent.  He couldn't smell anything himself.