When: Summer 2005
Where: Monarch Lake, CO
Who: Donnie (Lakota from pine ridge)

A man was fishing all night at Monarch Lake, along with his son and a friend.  Very early in the morning he saw four huge, hairy figures that came up through the willows at the inlet of the lake.  They were about 300 feet away, and they did not immediately notice  The hair was dark brown, and there was one female, one male and two small ones.  They came out through the willows, and the two larger ones stood and looked around while the two small ones got into the water and played quietly.  The fishermen said the figures never saw them, and they watched them for four or five minutes.  After a few minutes the four figures turned and walked back in to the willows and disappeared.  One interesting fact that the man recountyed is that the eyes were very large, and very dark – he couldn't see any white showing in the eyes at all.  Large, dark eyes – almost like the size of a cows eyes.