When: September 5, 2006
Where: Meridian Campground   Bailey, CO
A Family was camping at Meridian campground, off of C.R. 43 in Bailey, in the summer of 2006.  They stayed until Sunday, and almost all the campers had left the campground.   Around 3am on Monday morning they could hear dogs barking nearby, then they heard screaming – like a woman screaming “help”. The screaming went on for over an hour, then it got quiet. Their dog did not respond to any of this noise. The Dad woke up again around 4 to something outside the tent at his feet, sniffing around and then making a deep “Oof” noise.  The father said that the sniffing sound did not sound like any other animal he kew of - it was almost like Then he heard it walking around the tent, bipedal steps "thud, thud, thud". Then it got quiet again. Later again, they heard the high-pitched “help” screams coming from up on the ridge. When it got light the kids wanted to go gather firewood (they hadn't heard anything the night before), and their Dad told them to stay in his sight. They walked up to the top of the ridge, and came running back shortly after – completely pale and terrified (2 girls ages 6 and 12); Dad said, “What's wrong?” And they said that as they were starting to collect firewood, about 30 feet from them a large, hairy, human-looking figure stepped out from behind a tree and looked at them. It was not wearing any clothes, and was 5-6 feet tall. They said he had no hair on this face, or hands, but when the sun shone through the hair it was reddish-brown in color. Neither of the girls had ever heard of bigfoot before, so they would have had no reason to make the story up.