When: Summer (July, August) of 1995.
Where: Off of Platte Springs Road (FS 212) near Lake George, 5 miles after you turn off from Lake George. 

Summer of 1995 a man decided to go camping by himself with his dog.  He chose a campsite near Lake George, in Park County Colorado.  The weather was clear.  After retiring for a good night's sleep, he was awoken  in the middle of the night by vocalizations that resembled what you'd hear in the “Great Ape House” at the zoo - low grunts or whoops like an ape might make, followed by a high pitched scream.  This repeated for a few minutes.  It was very loud, and clearly came from a creature of considerable size.  The screams that followed the hoots were like an ape scream.  He thought, “That's a Sasquatch” but he wasn't afraid.  That was his last night.  He would have said that the sounds belonged more in Africa than in Colorado.  His dog sat listening in rapt attention the entire time,  but never made a sound.