When: April 4, 2016
Where: Ben Tyler Trail,  Shawnee, CO
A hiker and his pit-bull mix were confronted by a Sasquatch while hiking the Ben Tyler trail in Shawnee, CO on Monday.  It was around noon on the 3rd, and after parking at the Ben Tyler trailhead "Jack" and Babe headed out for what proved to be a life-changing afternoon.  It was a beautiful, warm,sunny day - perfect for getting a little exercise.  Jack and Babe began their ascent, following the switchbacks that lead to the top of the first ridge.   As they turned the corner on the fourth or fifth switchback, Babe very uncharacteristically hit reverse gear, and with her tail between her legs hastily backed up between Jack's legs.  Jack thought she might have seen a snake or something, although she almost never backs down from any confrontation.  He knelt down to grab her to keep her from heading back down the mountain, then turned to look back up the trail to see what had so frightened her.  What he saw literally changed his life.  Standing in the middle of the trail (no more than 50 feet ahead) was a large, hairy creature - standing and staring directly at Jack.  Jack's very first thought was, "What am I looking at?"  Then as he watched the creature took a deep breath and blinked its eyes.  The blink happened in ultra slow-motion - at least that's what it seemed like to Jack as he stared in disbelief and rapidly mounting terror.  What he remembers is that it was covered in reddish-brown hair, and the hair under its arms was longer and hung down around 6 inches.  He also noticed that the creature seemed to have low breasts and a "paunchy" stomach - giving the overall impression of an old man with "man boobs".  It appeared to be 6.5 or perhaps 7 feet tall.  What struck him most of all were the dark, fierce looking eyes.  The entire interaction probably took only 1-2 seconds, but Jack got the distinct impression that it was intentionally standing where it was to block Jack and Babe from continuing any further up the trail.  As soon as he saw it inhale and blink, Jack turned and ran as fast as he could down the hill, with Babe hot on his trail.  Although he had an iPhone in his pocket the entire time, the last thing on his mind was to snap a picture; he was literally running for his life - expecting to be grabbed from behind as he made his headlong dash down the hill.  He believes that he fell multiple times on his way down, and the next thing he knew he was at his truck, frantically trying to fish his keys out of his pocket.
Not long afterwards he came into The Sasquatch Outpost, looking for all the world like he'd just seen a ghost.  I asked him if I could help him in some way.  He looked apprehensively around the store (there were other customers there at the time), he replied, "I really hate to ask this, but do you have anybody out in the woods in a Bigfoot suit?"  I replied that of course I don't, and then asked him, "Why, did you see something?"  "Yes", he answered, "Just a little while ago.  I'm still shaking from the experience".  Then he started to leave, turned and said, "Look me in the eyes, and tell me if you have someone in the woods in a suit."  I repeated that no, I do not place people in the woods in suits, as they would likely just get shot.  We talked for a few more minutes, and he recounted for me the details I've written above.  He was genuinely in shock, and the longer we spoke, the more emotional he became.  It seems that his entire world-view has understandably been shaken to the core.