Store Hours:(Summer)
Monday - Saturday: 8:30am - 6:30pm
Sunday: 9am - 3pm​

What is the
Sasquatch Outpost?

The Sasquatch Outpost was established in June, 2013 by Jim and Daphne Myers.  The store is one of the first buidlings built in Bailey, way back in 1878.  For most of its lifetime it served as the local country store, but there's just not the demand for Mom and Pop grocery stores like there used to be.  The building had been closed and boarded up for three years prior to when we took it over in 2012.  It took us just about nine months to renovate it, including building a whole new floor - 15 inches above the original.  Being long-time Bigfoot believers ourselves, it didn't take us long to realize that Bailey is a hot-spot for Sasquatch sightings.  One thing led to another, and today the Sasquatch Outpost is a true destination in Central Colorado, visited by thousands every year. Listed as one of the top 10 wackiest places to visit in all of Colorado, the Outpost is a must-see for anyone who has any interest in Bigfoot.  Our store boasts not only the largest selection of Sasquatch souvenirs anywhere in Colorado, but you can also visit the Sasquatch Encounter Disovery Museum while you're here!
In addition to everything Bigfoot, we carry all your outdoor gear supplies - hiking, camping & fishing.  Come on up to beautiful Bailey, Colorado and check out the Sasquatch Outpost!  We can help you find your way to some awesome hiking and biking trails, and some pretty darn good fishing holes too!